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The budo we should be learning


Srilanka Karate do Federation.

sensei Deepal Wickramamachchi




The Chinese characters for budo can be literally translated as the path of fighting. The reason being that bodo, much the same as life, forms a path we must follow. However what I can teach you is limited. It is from traveling along the path of Karate and Iai itself that you can learn many things. So what can budo teach us?




Through training and discipline, we are able to discover how to make the most of ourselves in both our everyday lives and also in today's society. By applying our training we can bring budo to life and for the first time see the value in learning it. In addition, setting and devoting yourself to achieving personal goals. You can lead to a better life. To this end I wish to put down in writing the knowledge and teaching of our forefathers. So that you may refer to them to achieve you goals.


News and Information 2018!

April 9 SANPAKUKAN kata game was held. It was a meaningful game for kids and Sanpakukan.. Im looking forward to the next kata game..

A Coach Training





A Coach Training







News and Information 2017!

8th sri lanka national full contact karate tournament 2017.

A Coach Training




2.oct.2017 コロンボの入国管理ビルにて三柏館支部道場がオープンしました

A Coach Training

At an immigration building, karate guidance starting




A Coach Training

Yesterday started a new sanpaku kan karate dojo at m.d. gunasena international school- Colombo.



News and Information 2016!

adani home

A Coach Training

adani home. 




A Coach Training





A Coach Training

A Coach Training course was held at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. 




Level tests
There were level tests at the Ladani Dojo in March. It is my hope that this karate will reach the children's hearts and will help them build peaceful lives in the future My gratitude to the priests and the nuns My special thanks to Deepal Sensei, for waking up at four thirty in the mornings to go to teach karate to the children. Thank you very much! Grand Master Okayama.


News and Information 2015!


After the National Competition. I obtained the first prize again. Three other Sanpakukan members obtained third place prizes.

Bhathiya 優勝おめでとう!

Bhathiya, congratulations on winning the competition!
I will do my best to make your dream come true.
Keep working hard!



The conference!

July 19, 2015
Gathered each school of karate,We had a meeting for the future of Sri Lanka's Karate.



Begin to training for the Karate tournament !

January 1, 2015
We begin to training for karate tournament and its exciting. At training ground.

The karate game that takes place in February, We are very excited.



News and Information 2014!

Branch Mastar Deepal Wickramarachchi has published a book!

Contents are

karate Japan, Okinawan Karate,Trainning Methods Nutrition Plans,Championship and psychological training

Original shirts and stickers dojo and office.



Sri Lanka Army Karate tournament

Victory! & Second place!

Branch president Mr.Deepal and Wa sadeepa gethanjana wejesundara



News and Information 2013!

All Sri Lanka Karate Tournament On December

We took a medal of 12 pieces in all Sri Lanka Karate tournament. and also we took a medal of 16 pieces in other Karate tournament.
Pictures(practice of senseiDeepal and his son Bhathiya. seen practice Keiko.)



August 11 WKO Wotld Kumite Championships


International convention was held in Thailand. Is an international tournament debut from Sanpakukan. I am looking forward to participating next year.
Players: P. VUpananda K. AGayan
( Brazil Ade Mir Normal and Upananda sensei)



All Sri Lanka Karate Tournament June 29


6 people was victory, one person was runner in this tournament. I am pleased that the students of Sanpakukan is growing steadily.




News and Information 2012!

National full contact Karate Championship 2012 on 28th December 2012

International sanpakukan karate organization




Bhathiya was published in the Sunday Sport newspaper! Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bhathiya wins National Karate Championship again

Bhathiya Wickramarachchi of Bandaranayake College Gampaha repeated his good form to win the Full Contact National Karate Championship for the third successive year. Bhathiya, a Grade 9 student of Bandaranayake College secured his hat-trick when he repeatedly won the gold medal for a third year running at the Sugathadasa Stadium recently. He has already won the gold medals in 2010 and 2011 at the championship organised by the Sri Lanka Karate Do Federation. Bhathiya has been mastering Karate since his early childhood under Japanese grandmaster Takahiro Okayama and Deepal Wickramarachchi.

He also got through the grading test conducted by grandmaster Okayama in February this year and is a first dan black belt competitor.


Mr. Okayama visited Sri Lanka Branch dojo

Kancho Mr. Okayama Was invited to the ceremony opening Upananda dojo, and technical guidance, review ascending raise, and teaching Iaido.

Received a warm welcome by the students of cute dance with the locals, was very impressed.




News and Information 2011!

National Full Contact Championship - 2011


Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium - Colombo

Sitting : Nasif. Pasindu. Bhathika. Gihan. Imasha
Standing : Sensei T.P.G. Piyarathna(Instruscot). Sensei W.A.D. Wickramarachchi(Chief Instructor). Sensei P.V. Upananda(Instructor). Chethanee. Geethika. Bhathiya


The joint training camp

The joint training camp and the examination were done in a Sri Lankan headquarters with Upananda Dojo team.


National Full Contact Karate Championship in slilanka2010


  • 6 Gold medals
  • 6 Silver medals
  • 4 Bronze medals



New DOJO will be open this month in COLOMBO!(march)

See top of this page.




This camp was based on the basic style in main dojo.All through this weekend.

(branch master D.Wickramarachchi/sensei P.V.Upananda sensei Wasantha Bernard sensei Sumudu Nissanga) 22th23th24th/april